The Gods Must Be Crazy>how does this film tell it’s story that reflects it’s unique cultural values or ideas?

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Watch the film The Gods Must be Crazy the first one (1981)
Watch the film fully for the first time (you will watch it fully at least 2 times)

After first viewing, research the location and culture in the film. How is it conveyed. What is behind what you saw..the location, the traditions, the religion or cultural practices, the social values, various identities of groups of people. Where in historical time is this taking place and what were the values and moral understandings.

Research the director. What is their background and how has that been influential in the film. What do you think the director made this film or influenced this film.

.Watch the film fully again. this time take notes for the next parts of inclusion in your paper.

Look at the mise en scene (the location choices, costume choices, actor choices, lighting, props or items, camera composition (what is in the frame and how big is the frame and how important are the objects, why) camera movement or position, actor movement, mood, style, framing

Include elements of editing and image choices for visual storytelling, clues or suspense elements, juxtapositions of scenes next to each other. HOW DO EACH OF THESE ELEMENTS HIGHLIGHT THE THEMES OF THE MOVIE

What are the themes and values communicated in this film? Cultural practices or ‘outsider’ perspectives (the people not in the majority or ideas not commonly accepted). What does the main character need to accomplish and why. How did you connect personally with those themes or activities?

How is this film and the way it uses the elements listed above different from a mainstream Hollywood film? How does this film tell it’s story that reflects it’s unique cultural values or ideas?

How were you affected by the film? What surprised you? What did you learn? How did you learn it? How do you think about the subject matter differently since seeing this film? What do you define as the part of the film that most resonated with your life?