Define the purposes and objectives from the marketing plan. Use measurable terms for the objectives for the advertising brief.


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Assessment Description

For the organization outlined in the material provided, you need to monitor and consider the profitability of the advertising brief you are submitting. You will need to write a report assessing and analyzing the Targeted Audience, in light of the organization and its products. This will include consideration of campaign objectives, advertising ethics and constraints, as well as review competitive analysis and outcomes that would fit with campaign objectives.

Case Study: Bounce Fitness

You have been appointed Campaign Manager at Bounce Fitness. Recently membership numbers have declined and the Marketing Department is quite determined that a concise and customer oriented advertising campaign would be sufficient to return loyalty as previously experienced and may even exceed this.

They have suggested that you present your Advertising Brief directly to the Board of Directors and CEO.

Please read and use information included in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 below.


Read all materials required for this assessment task: this procedure and the Bounce Fitness Simulated Business Corporate Marketing Plan, Bounce Fitness Advertising Brief ().

Using the information, you have been provided with, develop a brief that discusses the following tasks:

1. Define the purposes and objectives from the marketing plan. Use measurable terms for the objectives for the advertising brief.

2. Discuss any factors, which may affect the consumer responses to the campaign including relevant legislation (such as anti-discrimination legislation, consumer protection laws, privacy laws, Trades Practices Act and copyright) and the impact of each.

3. Discuss the legal and ethical considerations relating to this brief and how you will manage these

4. What research resource requirements will you need for this campaign?

5. Discuss the range of media options to be considered, stating what could be used, which you chose to use and why you made those choices.

6. How would you budget to use the media options that you chose? Why do you believe that the budget allocated is sufficient to meet the objectives?

7. How will you ensure that you do not run over budget?

8. Discuss why you are confident your timeline is accurate and meets the marketing plan requirements

9. Discuss your choice of service provider and why you made this choice. Include discussion on the different quotes you received, expertise, cost and availability to justify your decision

10. How did you determine that your campaign was legal and ethical?


The assessment will be due for completion at a time specified by your assessor. Your assessor will be looking for evidence of knowledge effective advertising contents of advertising briefs, and knowledge of industry, services, products and organization.

You should include:

• Campaign Overview

• Campaign Objectives and Purposes

• Budget, Constraints

• Milestone document of the whole process including planning

• Legal and ethical viability

• SWOT Analysis

• Cost Benefit Analysis

• Your Targeted Audience

• Competitive Analysis

• Marketing Materials

• Campaign Vehicle/vehicles and Schedules

• Communication Plan: Evidence of Consultation with:

○ Major customer

○ Vehicle Representatives

○ Marketing Management

• Your Recommendations

You must provide:

• A completed Advertising Brief.

Note: Your assessor will advise you of when this assessment is due and in which format (physical or electronic) it is to be submitted.

Your assessor will be looking for:

• Whether you have clearly identified a viable Advertising Brief for the organization outlined in the case study provided

• Whether you have conducted sufficient research to assess and analyze the market

• An advertising brief that includes detailed research organized under the headings listed in the procedure.