Critically evaluate the system for electing MSP’s to the Scottish Parliament.

Words: 274
Pages: 1
Subject: Law

Q: ‘Critically evaluate the system for electing MSP’s to the Scottish Parliament’


A 1,100-word piece on UK Constitutional Law.

It’s asking for a critical evaluation of the Additional Member System which is used to elect MSP’s.

The sources should be integrated as a part of the argument and not simply relayed to the reader.

These sources may be election results from the past 5 years (primary) or from articles, academic journals etc (secondary).

Finally, as brief  make it, a quote from the lecturer:

“As a university student, you need to be able to think critically about the resources and information you use in your work. It means not accepting what you read or hear at face value; you need to be questioning the information, ideas and arguments you find in your studies. Your writing needs to show that you have the ability to weigh up different arguments/perspectives and use evidence to help you form your own.

So ask yourself things such as:

-Why is a different system used than in Westminster?

-Do you agree with its rationale?

-To what extent has it succeeded?

-What are its advantages and disadvantages

-What impact has it had on the makeup of the Scottish Parliament (important)?

-What are your own views about its impact: good, bad, indifferent or a mixture? -How would you address counter arguments/

-Has there been any change to the voting system since it was introduced?

-If so, why?

-How has the electoral system impacted the effectiveness of the Scottish Parliament in carrying out its functions?

-Does the electoral system require amending?

-Would a different system be more effective?