How do you think you would be able to handle the non-violent conflict resolution tactics?

• Part I: Dealing with the section on Conflict Resolution

• Part II: what is Education All About & How Might the Ideas of Colman McCarthy help?

• Looking for creativity, interest & effort, rather than “the answer”
• Think like a sociologist! Clash of activism v. authority

• Should Conflict Resolution be by force?

• Should activism be pursued by force?

• Can non-violent actions resolve conflict?
How do we view conflict resolution?

• During the 1960s, society in the US had to deal with 2 “protest” movements

• Civil Rights Movement

• The Vietnam War

• Both movements were strong and both received tremendous

• I have two videos for y’all to view and to put together your thought sand ideas on violence and conflict resolution
How do we view conflict resolution?

Civil Rights Movement

• What tactics did the students use?

• What was the response from society?
• How did it all play out?

• How do you think you would be able to handle the non-violent
conflict resolution tactics?

26:24 – 51:17
Kent State (and keep in mind our discussion on Kent and
the 4 students)

• What was the origin of the actions at Kent?

• What were the students doing?

• What was the response from the “authorities?”

• How much danger were the Guard in, that they had to shoot
• What was the “response” from society?

• What did that say about the Social Construct of the Violence Quotient in response to “protest” Using the materials from Nashville & Kent Discuss your views of Conflict Resolution

• How does what happened at Kent • How do you think YOU would be compare/contrast with Nashville? able to handle the non-violent
conflict resolution tactics?

• How did the “resolution” differ?

• Load your thoughts and ideas onto Blackboard

• Is there a “right” and a “wrong” in all of this? • FINAL due date Wed May 12th

• What type of “social construct” do you see?
What should we be “taught?”

• Should this education gig be simply a training ground to get
“the job?”

• Cut out superfluous classes and just “teach” what we need to
do the job

• Should we be encouraged to “think” and articulate our views

• So we can be educated in our jobs and

• Can call BS on those who wish to manipulate us to follow
their self-serving path?

• C’est un mystère, non ?
So let’s check in w/ Colman McCarthy

• He was in our The Quiz!

• (Whom you didn’t know)
• And let’s see what he has to say

• Jot down things that interest/question/confuse ya …
Colman McCarthy
Read this article first …and then get into the

makes-sure-students-learn- peace


• While the whole gig is good, be sure to watch and use
• 39:00 to 48:38 What is the gist of Colman’s argument?

• Does his work have credence and validation given society’s “social
construct” on violence and conflict?

• And while the first reaction is “it will never work,” belies what
Colman’s work is all about … it isn’t a “quick fix/throw the switch

• But a gradual change education, change the social construct …

• That the change may not be in my lifetime … but sure would like to
see it for my children, grandchildren and their great grandchildren..

• Put together your thoughts/ideas/reactions