Across Texas and the nation, the novel coronavirus is deadlier for people of color:Discuss.


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Across Texas and the nation, the novel coronavirus is deadlier for people of color

Read the article linked below (by Emma Platoff and Carla Astudillo, as published in the Texas Tribune) and address all of the prompts below (at a minimum) in your primary post:

Platoff and Astudillo, 2020, Across Texas and the nation, the novel coronavirus is deadlier for people of color.docx

Summarize the article. Identify the central argument(s) and the evidence used to support it/them.

Identify how this issue relates to what you have learned from the course textbook. Be specific, citing a relevant passage from Unit 2 (ch. 7-14) and page from the book using MLA in-text citation format.

Summarize and evaluate the conclusion. Is it logically consistent or inconsistent with the evidence provided in the article? Is it consistent with what you learned in the textbook?

What have other scholars said about the issue? How are their findings consistent/inconsistent with those in the article?

Overall, what are your thoughts about the central argument, evidence, and conclusion presented and why?

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Post a substantive response: evaluate the ideas and arguments presented by another student. Avoid using the phrase “I like how you…”. Focus on developing concepts.

This is not primarily an exercise in expressing opinions. The best responses will support all key arguments, facts, assertions and claims with research in both posts.

You must identify all additional sources with both MLA in-text (parenthetical) citations and references (in a Works Cited section at the end of your posting).

The minimum writing requirement must be met and exceeded using your own words (do not include cited information in your word count).

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