Describe The Maternal Health and Racial Disparities in the United States and Global South.

Describe The Maternal Health and Racial Disparities in the United States and Global South


You must provide a comprehensive overview of the condition(s)/public health issue, considering the topic from all five dimensions (epidemiological, global, social, environmental, and policy) of public health.

After providing a comprehensive overview of the condition/issue itself, you must offer a critical analysis of the topic: evaluating the issue/condition from each of the 5 sub-areas of public health as well as examining how these sub-areas are all interrelated.

You must conclude with an assessment on the current status/state of the condition/issue as well as pinpointing 3 key areas for future public health inquiry. You must justify why you have designated these 3 key areas as top priorities for research and intervention. The readings you have done for your presentations can be a jumping off point to begin drafting your paper.

Make sure articles are peer-reviewed, empirical or conceptual work that has been published within the last 10 years. When selecting these 10 articles, use the articles you included in your presentation as a guide (I provided feedback on those articles so you have a good sense of acceptable scholarly sources). As such, in total, you will have a minimum of 16 scholarly sources for this paper. Your 10 additional sources should be equally distributed across the 5 dimensions of public health for your topic (e.g., 2 Epi articles, 2 Social articles, 2 Policy articles, and so forth). You are more than welcome to include more scholarly sources: 16 is the minimum acceptable number for the paper.


The paper should be double spaced, use size 12 Times New Roman font, have 1-inch margins, and should be 10-12 pages long (not including the Reference List). You must include in-text citations and a Reference List at the end of the document. Citations must be in APA style.