Provide the rationale for the selection of the data analysis method and why is it appropriate for the proposed research project?


Aim of assessment:

The aim of this assessment is to enable students to develop a research project from the given topic area, highlight the background and significance, develop a research question, conduct the initial literature search and identify the proposed research methods in the form of a poster.


Topic area:

You have learned that pain assessment and pain management is an integral part of Nursing and Midwifery practice. Assessing and managing pain is essential for positive clinical and psychological outcomes and for patients’ overall quality of life. Nurses play a significant role in assessing and managing pain. You are designing a research project that focuses on pain assessment or pain management or pain outcomes.

Part A: Poster

Identify a research title from the given topic area; the background and significance of this research project: research question: PICO/PICo; database search: and proposed research method in the form of a poster (500 words)

Poster must include the following:

– Title

– A brief background and significance of selected topic

– Research question


– Database search

– Methods

– Research Methodology

– Research design (If using quantitative methodology, use only Randomised Control Trial)

– Participants

– Inclusion and exclusion criteria

– Data collection method

– Data analysis method

– References

Part B:

Guided questions providing the rationale.

Based on the research project in your poster respond to the questions below using the template provided on vUWS.

1. Provide the rationale for the choice of the research methodology and research design for the research project (300 words)

2.Identify and justify the inclusion and exclusion criteria (sampling criteria) and provide rational on its significance for the purpose of the proposed research project. Describe how the data will be collected and its appropriateness for the proposed research project (400 words)

3. Provide the rationale for the selection of the data analysis method and why is it appropriate for the proposed research project? (300 words)

Submission details:

– You MUST use the template provided on vUWS under the ’Assessment 2’ tab located on the left-hand pane for both Part A (poster) and Part B (guided questions with rationale)

– Submit your assessment through Turnitin.

– Fill in the required information which correctly corresponds to the headings in the template provided.

– The ’background’ section of the poster and responses to the guided questions with rational MUST be referenced (minimum five academic references)

– The word limit for the poster is 500 words and for the rationale is 1000 The word limit allocated for each question is only a guide and is based on the weighting of the marks for each question.

– Students are to upload the assessment with the following title. Surname_Firstname_assessment title

– Your assessment must be submitted in .doc format.


i. Examples may be available on the vUWS site.

ii. There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the Western Sydney University Library that may assist you.

Note: Follow the template provided with information from Australia context and APA 7 referencing style.