Outline your reasons for proposing a literature review in relation to nutritional therapy.

Essay Requirements and Guidelines
Literature Review Proposal

1) Brief introduction: 100-150 words approximately

2) Rationale: 100-150 words approximately (Use literature in the section to put your rationale into context and support your ideas):

• Outline your reasons for proposing a literature review in relation to nutritional therapy.

• Why is this area important to clients, and or, to nutritional therapists?

• Are there any gaps in the evidence base for nutritional therapy to support why you should be looking at this area?

• Is there any UK local or national guidance that may influence this area of nutritional therapy? What influence would it have?

3) Aims of the literature review: 100-150 words approximately (bullet points):

• What do you aim to find out, if you were to undertake the literature review?

4) Research question: 50-100 words approximately:

• What main research question/s would you have to guide your literature review?

• This should be a question that generally produces some discussion. Try to avoid research questions that give yes or no, or, effective or not effective answers.

5) Overview of the literature: 1000-1500 words approximately: the main part of the proposal.

• The overview of the literature review section should start to answer the research question.

• This should present a detailed overview of the findings of the research in light of the methods used, in relation to your chosen subject are.

• You will need to construct an argument that clearly discusses the subject area in your research question.
• What are the findings of the studies?

• How important are these findings and how would they influence the practice of nutritional therapy and clients?

• What kinds of research designs are being used to investigate this area? How useful are these designs?

• What kind of questions are the research studies investigating?

• What are the strengths and weakness of individual studies or overall designs?

6) Users and beneficiaries: 150-200 words approximately:

• Discuss who would benefit from the findings of such a literature review and why.

• What community based groups or individuals would benefit from the findings of the review?

• Explain how you will ensure that the findings meet their needs and how you will communicate the findings to them.


– Contemporary evidence of nutritional strategies including macro nutrients, micro nutrients and/or supplements (qualitative and quantitative studies, observational studies).

– Attached study to be used and other relevant ones chosen by writer.

– Harvard style in-text reference to be used.