What cellular structure is degenerating and rebuilding in MS?


Multiple Sclerosis

A 30 year-old female with multiple sclerosis (MS) has come for their routine check up with her neurologist. Her first signs and symptoms several years earlier. The symptoms were not concerning as it was only tingling sensations that were a mild discomfort. Those feelings also went away. It became worrisome when the sensation transitioned into pain and tingling. She began to lose coordination during each cycle, and over time she never fully recovered from the previous flare.


Answer the following questions and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource in APA format to support your answers.

What cellular structure is degenerating and rebuilding in MS?

Does this explain the progression we see with the signs and symptoms? Explain why.

When there are issues with the neural tissue like this, they will often look into the eye. Why?

Here are three early symptoms. that we might see in MS. Assign them to whether they are a part of the sensory, motor or autonomic nervous system. Afterward, try to describe how MS would cause these symptoms.