Create a policy management system for a public agency of your choice:Explain why you chose that agency.


Design a System to Manage Administrative Policies

Policy administration is an important element of public policy. Policies need to be housed somewhere with the proper oversight and responsible agents to efficiently manage and enforce each policy. To do this, agents must be experts in their field and must understand each policy they are responsible for managing. Policy offices within the federal government usually have a team of experts ready to assist with interpreting policies, checking for outdated policies, conducting policy research, and helping create new agency policies.

The Signature Assignment requires you to create and implement a public policy administration system that will manage all agency policies for a public agency. Choose a public agency and assess the types of policies that the agency manages and operates from, and then determine how you would create a system managing all policies for the organization.

This system will monitor policies across your agency and evaluate them for efficiency and make a determination as to whether policies will be changed, remain in place, or be eliminated. As the policy director, you must ensure you understand the historical context of each policy under your charge and be responsible to make decisions regarding the policies’ existence. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

Create a policy management system for a public agency of your choice.

Explain why you chose that agency.

Explain the importance of policy administration.

Describe the policy cycle and how it impacts policy decision-making.

Identify three main policy areas for the agency you chose and explain their functions and effectiveness.

Determine particular policies for your agency that would change and give appropriate reasons for your decision.

Determine existing policies for your agency that you would keep in place and explain your reasoning.