Explain what each roman numeral represents:Explain how you collected your information?


This is for the class Liberal Arts Math. a.) Select three questions to ask 25 individuals; these questions should relate to an area that interests you. One the possible topic is travel, three possible questions could be: (15 points – typed)

(1) Have you ever traveled outside of the United States?

(2) Do you plan to travel in the next 6 months?

(3) Have you ever been on a cruise?

*The questions you ask need to have a yes or no response, only.

*Clearly list the questions you asked for your survey.

b.) Include a chart with the responses for your 25 individuals (15 points -typed)

c.) Explain how you collected your information; did you use social media, phone calls, email? (10 points –


d.) Create a 3 circle Venn diagram; label the 8 regions with roman numerals I – VIII. (25 points)

Explain what each roman numeral represents; for example I – Individuals which have traveled outside of the

United States. (50 points – typed)