You are a manager in Nike and you are write a report to your CEO>Implementation plan: how are you going to implement this strategy?

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You are a manager in Nike and you are writing a report to your CEO , From the Tows Table select 3 strategies and discuss each strategy individually

• Use TOWS to identify tactics/ideas – remember this is intended to brainstorm ideas (you can use a table)

• Transform tactics into strategies using the ANSOFF matrix table

• Select 3 strategies and discuss these in more detail

In Each strategy you can use 1 tactic, 2 tactics or even combining all of them

These 3 paragraphs should include the following information but is not limited to:

• Does this strategy addresses any opportunities and/or overcomes threats? Industry forces? Competition? Macro?

• You capitalise on your competitive advantage identified in Internal analysis?

• Advantages and Disadvantages of pursuing this strategy

• Implementation plan: how are you going to implement this strategy? How long it will take? Have you implemented this strategy before (as a company)? Yes/no? was it successful? Is there a reason why you haven’t implemented it before?

• Based on the assessment of your firm’s current conditions (doing good or bad from the introduction section) what this strategy does? Turns around the bad performance? Builds upon current success?

• Depending on the strategy you are discussing you will have to use lecture materials from weeks 1-9.

▫ For instance If you are investing abroad you need to use information from lectures 7 & 8 (International strategy) etc.

These 3 paragraphs need to be very detailed, informative, and critically analysed