Is there an awareness of the various steps and how a campaign requires constant reviewing?Discuss.

Original Campaign launch / pitch

Students will individually create an original product or company and for this you will create a campaign and message. Presentation of pitch in a poster presentation format including all the main requirements of the campaign, these main points should be taken from the 1,200-word written report.
Poster pitch will be 30% and the report will be 70% of the final mark.
(students will now be rewarded more for the report and less for the presentation as the project has changed from a group project to an individual project)
Students have been given a rubric with full details.

The assignment requires each student to develop and write a pitch concept and delivery report for a PR campaign that is fresh and original. It can be a brand, charity, institute or a newcomer. It can be to promote a new addition to an established company with your original brand / message. This work can be completed as a group.
The assignment requires the completion of two areas of work. These are a) the Final individually written PR campaign concept report, b) the Pitch Presentation using a poster presentation via a visual video
Poster pitch will be 30% and the report will be 70% of the final mark.
The poster should include all the highlights of the campaign for us to see in one place.

Final project (70%)
Maximum of 1200 word concept report including all steps that should be taken to complete the proposed PR campaign.
Plan and structure of the PR Campaign
Internal and external factors that may impact the campaign
Differentiation between business, communication and PR objectives
Devise strategy

Analyse audience and the possible issues
How to model the messages
Select and employ the use of main PR tactics
Evaluate the campaign
All the above can be taken into consideration, but do not have to be. You may decide to include something else.
b) Pitch Poster Presentation (30%)
This is a succinct, to the point poster presentation of the main components that you would like noted from your report. This should then be explained in a video format.
The total mark for this assignment is 100%, divided into 70% for a) and 30% for b). You must deliver it in full in order to complete the assignment.
As the work progresses you should write draft developments documenting each stage which reflects the progress of the project. You can then use this to talk through with me your ideas.
Both a & b by week 12
Part b) will be conducted during our online live session or sent to me in video format by end of week 12.
Assessment and Allocation of Marks
Presentation and Final Report Components required

1. Structure
Evidence of Planning/Preparedness a clear step by step process introduced and concluded to make the campaign come alive
Clear, logical sequence of ideas

2. Content
Is the campaign choice appropriate for the assessment task?
Does it show a clear development of the campaign? Sources of information used should all be accounted for in the final report appendix / bibliography
Description v Analyses be careful not to always be describing, but rather try to show clear thought of analysis at every step of your campaign development.

3. Communication Skills
Delivery of the PR campaign should be clear and concise so that the reader will be able to follow and be able to make thoughtful judgements. Interaction with audience should be on a good level and be considered when the presentation is made via video.
Is the poster presentation engaging and stimulating?

4. Resources

Appropriate use of presentation aids for presentation. This should then be carried through at the written report stage with use of the relevant visuals and further explanation of the use of such mediums.

Does it show a clear development of the campaign?

All the written material must be free of typographical errors such as misprints or use of wrong characters. Do make sure you ask a peer to read through your final draft below is a list of guide-questions which will be addressed when the work is marked.

Report of PR Campaign overall should tick the questions below
Is the campaign, original and authentic?

Is there an awareness of the various steps and how a campaign requires constant reviewing?

Has the area been researched, and all possibilities fully explored?

Is what is proposed relevant, concise and original?

The report should be written in academic style without journalistic flavour. Do include a summary of the project in the final report.

The report must include an appendix and bibliography of what is covered and researched.

*Add the four component marks and divide by 4 to arrive at the total score out of 100. This will be done for both the final write up and the poster presentation