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Write a personal statement about forensic psychology.

Write a personal statement about forensic psychology.

Show passion. We want to know where this interest in psychology comes from, what excites you and how you indulge your passion. Simply saying: “I have always been interested in psychology” is meaningless without presenting any evidence. Demonstrate how this interest has manifested itself and what you have done to take it further.

Research the profession. Show that you understand there is more to psychology than clinical psychology. Remember, psychology is a science, with a focus on research methods – designing studies and analyzing data. It’s not all about Freud and psychoanalysis!

list any sources used

Show you are up to date with the subject: perhaps you could analyze a recent article or news event, or write a short blog post. Talk about any specialist magazines, blogs, or websites you read and why you enjoy them.

It’s good to have an idea of what you want to gain from the psychology degree and from your University experience. Mention what you are looking forward to, from modules to placements.