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Critically evaluate the macro and micro environmental issues that inform strategic international marketing planning decision making.

Description of Assessment Task and Purpose:

Horizon Scanning Report: Creation of an outline of Digital Marketing Plan (equiv. 2,500 words ± 10%, Appendices and References not included in the Total Word Count.)

It’s called the Horizon Scanning Report because it’s related to strategy making and proposition delivery which are all relevant in the context of marketing planning. Horizon Scanning is a proven methodology for spotting, interpreting and analysing emerging trends over a period of time. It is very often adopted by the senior personnel of businesses in order to keep abreast of wider influences the businesses may have from taking advantages of opportunities or minimising risks. It is important that you need to establish a general as well as comprehensive understanding of the business objectives (which you may have set up in the outline of the digital marketing plan); adopt a specific sets of lenses, including futuristic, forward thinking to address the strategies and plans you would like to implement in marketingthemed scenarios.

The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to employ learned marketing concepts and theories and making connections to the future marketing/technology/consumer trends to critique challenges for a selected business. To support your learning, you need to participate in the Module Discussion Forum and contribute your weekly reflection on each of the week’s theme. There will be 2 points formative feedback opportunities in Week 8 and 15. The feedback comments will help you to develop and improve your final submission.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1 Critically evaluate the macro and micro environmental issues that inform strategic international marketing planning decision making

LO2 Make informed judgements on the strategic application of segmentation, targeting and positioning in the marketing planning process

LO3 Synthesise an implementation and control plan to meet a marketing objective using appropriate theoretical frameworks

LO4 Critically reflect on and evaluate the application of international marketing planning theory in practice.

Assessment Submission Instructions:

Individual Report 2500 words +/- 10%
Reference list is not included in the word count


follow to the formatting guidelines:
– Font / Size: Arial or Times New Roman / 12
– Spacing / Sides: 1.5 / Single Sided
– Pagination required? Yes
– Margins: At least 2.54 to left and right and text ‘justified’
– Referencing: Full compliance with Harvard protocols