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What “Visual Media and Design” strategies (see file) did you use in your visual? (For instance, how did you employ Gestalt Theory?

Business English Week 8 Communication Conference

This week, you are participating in a professional virtual Communications Conference. The purpose of the conference is to share strategies for effective communication strategies. The purpose of your presentation is to guide the conference attendees (your classmates) in successfully applying the content of your presentation to their current or future careers.

Deliver a professional presentation concerning “Team Work”

Focus on “Team Work” within the US Army military rather than general team work strategies for all professional fields. Choose a topic for your presentation that is practical and relevant to Army military career interests.

Your presentation must include the following:
– Ten-Eleven (10-11) Microsoft PowerPoint slides of information including visual aid. See “Presentations” file to follow the guidelines for Presentations.

– Two (2) professional research sources (not Wikipedia or Investopedia) correctly cited in APA 7th style. In addition to using in-text citations for specific sentences or bulleted items on each slide, include a references slide or section at the end of the presentation.

– One visual aid created by you IN ADDITION TO any other decorative visuals used. The original visual aid created by you might be a pie chart, bar chart, line chart, infographic, flowchart, etc.

– Audio delivery of the presentation. There is no time length requirement. MUST BE done in real FEMALE voice. Learn how to give audio delivery:

– To be courteous to your audience, your presentation must be accessible to all! Therefore, include captioning/subtitles OR provide a separate text transcript. Follow these instructions for presenting with real-time captions or subtitles
or adding closed captions or subtitles to a recording.

Once the Microsoft PowerPoint assignment is done….

– In Microsoft Word, copy the visual that you created for the PowerPoint.

– Discuss the development of your visual by answering the following questions (400 words minmum, no title page):

– What source(s), if any, did you use to collect information to be presented in the visual? Why is this information necessary to support the ideas of your presentation? (Cite the visual as explained in “Documenting Visuals” file)

– Why does the information need to be presented in a visual form? (For instance, why not just present the idea in text?)

– Why is the type of visual you used appropriate for the content? (For instance, why did you choose a bar chart and not a line chart?)

– What “Visual Media and Design” strategies (see file) did you use in your visual? (For instance, how did you employ Gestalt Theory?