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Demonstrate an advanced level of analysis and understanding of the ways in which psychological perspectives underpin and inform communication theory?

3000 word assignment do not go over the word count!!
use proper new references from the internet and health and social care books!!!
back up everything with a theory!!

This assignment is based around video clip. Please watch it from 52:00 minutes till 1:02:19.

Below is the link for the video.

Assignment title: A critique of a simulated interview.

Introduction- Explain the scenario of social worker and the young child?
Paragraph one-
1 a) Demonstrate an advanced level of analysis and understanding of the ways in which
psychological perspectives underpin and inform communication theory?

• Carl Rodgers- what you understand of his theory?, how does this theory link to the video?
• Bowlby -Theorist – how does this theory talk about communication? How does this link to the video?
• Transition analysis- what is this theory? How does it link to the video? What are key faces of this theory throughout communication?

b) demonstrate and in-depth theoretical
understanding of the person-centred approach
• Did this happen in the video? Was the child getting the help that was needed? Was she in the centre of social workers eye?

c) recognise theories on the impact of authority
and power on interpersonal communication
• Explain theory of interaction?- in the video the residential worker allowed the resident to make her own choice. The social worker didn’t allow the child to make her own decision

d) critique and appraise a range of
communication skills theory.
• Use non verbal communication – include Solar theory
Paragraph 2
demonstrate an advanced understanding
of interviewing skills and methods of
communicating effectively with diverse groups
of people(e.g. culture, age, language,
• Explain and analyze PCA?
• Age- dealing with a 12 year old child?, age appropriate language?

Provide a critical analysis of the person- centered approach in its relation to social work practice?

Paragraph 3:

Demonstrate an understanding of how to
communicate and listen actively to others,
understand accurately their viewpoint and
recognize personal prejudices/bias.
• Social workers took time to understand the situation that the young girl was in
• Understand impact of personal prejudices? Link to a theory?
• Include how a person sits? Poor posture ( as shown in video) means that the social worker aint interested in what the child has to say?

Add theories to back the above points up. Who tells you about poor posture?

**Gerard Egan SOLER- spoken about posture theory**

Demonstrate an understanding of theories of critical reflection and how you might apply these to your own practice?
• Talk about the atkins & Murphy theory about critical reflection and back it up with the video
• The video shows two different scenario of good and poor practice
• What you have spoken about

• How this interview could had been better? Poor communication took place between the child and the social worker? Include long term impact- will the child trust the social worker? Will she ask for help? Are the residential home staff better and more supportive ?
• Poor opinion?

Refrence a lot
Underpin everything with theories