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Discuss both econometric and economic interpretation of your results.


This is a group project and I have to do the ‘results’ part (1000words). The topic of the coursework is ‘The local development in Mexico and how criminality has an impact on FDI and International Trade. Our indicator is the level of criminality within a location.’

Instructions for the Results part:

1. Present results in clear and neat excel tables pasted in your coursework document. Do not

include screenshots or tables copy/pasted directly from STATA. Use the appropriate

commands to extract results in Excel tables.

2.Discuss both econometric and economic interpretation of your results.

3. Start from simple baseline and then present results of more sophisticated models. (e.g. Simple Regression model,Multiple regression model,Panel regression, Test for Heteroskedasticity)

4. Link back to findings in previous studies.

5.Clear interpretation of estimated coefficients and statistical significance for the most

important independent variables.

6.Briefly discuss additional results and robustness tests.

7.Discuss limitations of your study.

Word limit:1000 words max.

Attach a do-file from STATA software.