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Based upon your analysis, rewrite the annotation to more clearly and accurately report the important issues and details in the original source.

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Subject: Healthcare

In the first paper assignment, you will be developing an annotated bibliography/webliography on your chosen topic area. A clear, succinct annotated description of a source offers a reader with an opportunity to grasp the main issues and evidence reflected in the source as well as highlighting important connections to related sources covering similar issues/topics.
The community guide (2015). The Guide to Community Preventative Services (The Community Guide) What Works to Promote Health. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)
The community guide is a US Health and Human Services website which helps providers and consumers choose policies and programs to improve health and prevent disease in their communities. The site contains the official collection of all Community Preventive Services Task Force findings and is comprised of different collaborators who serve as liaisons, consultants, programs and partners from a myriad of different public health services. Information is based upon a scientific and systematic review process so interventions can be identified by levels of effectiveness. There is a comprehensive list of all task force findings on a wide range of different interventions aimed at public health issues. The findings are listed as either recommended, recommended against, or having insufficient evidence. Topics of the website focus on the following: adolescent health, alcohol, asthma, birth defects, cancer, CVD, diabetes, emergency preparedness, health communication, health equity, HID/AIDS/STIs/pregnancy, mental health, motor vehicle injury, nutrition, obesity, oral health, PA, social environment, tobacco, vaccination, violence, and worksite. This is a highly informative website with an enormous amount of useful information. I think it has application in our work to help us choose effective programs to increase healthy outcomes for our patients.

Discussion Question
Use and properly cite at least three references from the course readings and materials to support your posts.
1. Take a moment to review the annotated webliography below
2. Before selecting the link to the source, briefly summarize the key information that the annotation is conveying
3. Select the link and review the original source noting important issues that you discover
4. After reviewing the source, compare/contrast the description in the annotation below with your own review of the source
o In what ways did the annotation accurately report the issues?
o In what ways did the annotation inaccurately report the issues?
o What important details were missing, misinterpreted, or misrepresented in the annotation?
5. Based upon your analysis, rewrite the annotation to more clearly and accurately report the important issues and details in the original source