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Apply essential project management methods and tools and integrate their results utilising a systems approach.

Description of Assessment Task and Purpose:

You are required to submit a report of 3,000 words. In your report, compare, contrast and critically evaluate a pair of projects from a single reference class, (e.g. stadium construction, disaster relief, high-speed rail development, enterprise automation, new product development, etc) in relation to project management methodologies, procedures and techniques taught in the module. Consider projects in which you have personally been involved or any projects of your choice on which you are able to obtain a sufficient amount of information/data. Scrutinise the project management approach taken in each of the chosen projects and elicit their salient (positive or negative) features and relevant practices, analysing and explaining the impact these have had on the overall project delivery and/or its subsequent performance. The outcome of such project evaluation is expected in terms of a set of definite rules/success factors (‘Best Practice’) for future projects in the same area or of similar scope/budget, deduced from the historical undertakings you have investigated. Your standpoint should be balanced and analysis well-written, generously complemented with suitable references to the relevant, contemporary literature as well as referring to personal experiences, observations and insights where appropriate. The analysis should be based on appropriate and substantial research, which must be evidenced in the assignment. A mere composition of the past case studies taken straightaway from certain sources without student’s own in-depth elaboration, critical evaluation and synthesis of original recommendations will not be deemed a highly original and contributive work and, consequently, will attract low marks. The purpose of this assessment is to judge your knowledge of the subject area, an ability to find and evaluate accurate and reliable information and present it in a clear, concise and scientific manner.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1 Apply essential project management methods and tools and integrate their results utilising a systems approach
LO2 Synthesise a comprehensive project master plan and an effective delivery strategy
LO3 Critically evaluate the contribution of wider issues, such as quality or risk management, in a project environment
LO4 Critically evaluate and recommend the most appropriate techniques for managing a project