How does antibiotic resistance spread?Describe

Antibiotic Resistance

1. History and application
a. Definition of antibiotics and uses
b. Who and when antibiotics was invented
c. Mechanisms of antibiotics
d. Example of antibiotic that treat a specific disease

2. Antibiotic Resistance
a. What is antibiotic resistance ?
b. When was antibiotic resistance discovered?
c. How does antibiotic resistance happen? (Causes)
d. Acquired resistance Vs. Natural resistance
b. Examples of superbugs

3. Mechanisms of resistance
a. limiting uptake of a drug
b. modifying a drug target
c. inactivating a drug
d. active drug efflux.,or%20acquired%20from%20other%20microorganisms.

4. How does antibiotic resistance spread?

5. Strategies to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance