What is the appropriate size of the stadium that will satisfy the city’s requirements?

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Unit 1 Report
Building a New Stadium

Sports Facility Management


This project report will deal with building an NBA stadium around the Los Angeles area in the state of California. Over the past five years, a number of new NBA stadiums have been constructed around the United States but with less focus on the Los Angeles region (Funahashi, Kan, Katsurada, & Mano, 2020). The report will include the specifications of the location, the main reasons for the construction of the stadium, the basic cost projections, and the potential funding sources list. The study report was taken as a part of an effort to ensure that the Los Angeles NBA team finds a strategic place to play instead of conducting their training in a shared stadium with another basketball team from southern California. Sharing the stadium with other teams has been challenging, especially when it comes to revenue streaming, scheduling of events, and operation of the facility. It has been difficult for the Los Angeles basketball team to claim their fair share of the revenue and to freely operate the facility.
The preliminary goal of this report will, therefore, address three major questions relating to the possibility of the NBA stadium in Los Angeles.

1. What is the appropriate size of the stadium that will satisfy the city’s requirements?
2. What is the approximate construction cost that will be incurred?
3. What is the specific manner through which the construction of the stadium will be funded?
A number of design themes provided guidance to the project team while answering the questions. The themes include;

a. Provide the fans with an enjoyable basketball game experience
b. Design the optimal life cycle cost and sustainability for a longer period of time.
c. Consideration for future flexibility, including other kind of utilization.
d. Generation of maximum revenue for the Los Angeles area.