Develop a complete draft of your essay using your improved Argument Essay Outline.

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Argumentative Essay (Draft) Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will work through the drafting stage of your writing process in an argument essay.

Assignment Instructions

1. Review the grading rubric as listed on this page.

2. Review the Argument Essay Outline you submitted along with feedback you received from that assignment. Make adjustments to the outline in accordance with the feedback. This may include strengthening lines of reasoning, expanding or improving research sources for supporting evidence, creating a more sympathetic introduction to your position, etc.

3. Develop a complete draft of your essay using your improved Argument Essay Outline. It should meet the following requirements. Papers submitted that do not meet the requirements will not receive a passing grade.

o A two-part thesis including statement of position; and forecast of your lines of reasoning
o MLA formatting (see the MLA Format page as needed)
o Minimum of 600 words, not including the Works Cited page.

4. A minimum of three (3) credible sources ARE required for the final draft.

● At least one source per side of the debate must be a Peer Reviewed Scholarly Journal.
● Sources that present the opposing view must be by authors who support that view.
● All sources must be cited properly in text and on a Works Cited Page.

Any submission that is 40% or more from outside sources will receive a zero. Repeat offenders will receive an F course grade. The best essays tend to take 5-20% of their content from outside sources.

5. Submit your detailed working draft as a single file upload.


● Avoid first and second person pronouns as well as contractions.
● Choose a specific issue in which two credible parties have documented clearly opposing positions and clear agendas

● Choose the position you agree with and argue that position using the following:
o Three separate lines of reasoning;
o Each line of reasoning will support your position with research (example, testimony, and fact/data, or any combination) that supports your position; and
o Research about the opposing position’s views
o Present the opposing views and refute them or concede and shift the field of values

o Statement of position; and
o Forecast of your lines of reasoning
● Develop an enticing title that implies your position.
● Use a sympathetic appeal and/or cited research in the introduction to establish the issue.