Identify a country from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America (not: Canada, US, Mexico). I

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In addition to the other reading you’ve done in the course to here, please read from Saylors International Business section 3.5 Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Toolkit (you’ll need to scroll down this page to reach section 3.5). This assignment is graded with the attached rubric that provides credit for each response and allows 10% for the professionalism of the submission. See the rubric for more detail.

For this assignment, select a single country and provide 1-2 paragraphs addressing each of the following. You can see how the topics align to the reading. Cite your sources with each response

Identify a country from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America (not: Canada, US, Mexico). If it helps to imagine a particular industry or product, do, but it is not necessary.
Suggest one relationship builder you would use to start work in this country. We’re thinking about building our introductions or in-country networks with this item. (If you can’t find something that works perfectly, then discuss the culture’s focus on relationship needs. This likely builds from what you know about Hofstede’s model)
What is one issue of etiquette or manners that you’ll have to pay attention to, compared to the US? Briefly describe.
Are there any issues related to this country’s time usage, compared to the US? Briefly describe.
What do you expect to find related to decision making, compared to the US? Briefly describe.
What communication differences do you expect? I’m thinking about cultural differences, but if you want to work with languages differences, the do some research to understand the options related to “interpreter”, “translator”, or hiring local employees rather than using US based employees.
Additionally, consider infrastructure differences. Find one issue from the following to address: Transportation (how easy is it to ship your product, how easy is it for you to move about the country), Communications (cell service, local phone service, internet access / restrictions), Climate (attire, risks to operations and travel)
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