Compare and contrast the Lyrics of both songs: speak to the use of idiomatic phrases and language to convey sentiments.

Since March of 2020, we all have been subjected to some degree of lockdown or quarantine and therefore some degree of isolation. Song written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields (lyrics) It is a song that is bright, happy and even positive: Sunny Side of the Street (1930). performance by Roberta Gambarini for several reasons.

the interaction that takes place in a jazz setting between the musicians.

The Musical form: Most jazz music, although difficult to play (and in a small combo setting is often very freely interpreted) is formatted in such a way that it is typically easy for the audience to follow: first we hear the “Head”(or song melody) then we hear various improvised solos—piano–trumpet–bass–etc. then the performance closes with a restatement of the “Head”. You should be able to follow that structure with no problem.

Scat singing: In the example , The performers are playing trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie’s arrangement for trumpet and two tenor saxophones played by himself, the great Sonny Stitt and the great Sonny Rollins. Gamberini, basically learned the trumpet and sax solos and applied non-sense syllables to the notes, a technique we call “scatting”. So, it is a virtuoso performance of the great solos by Gillespie, Stitts, and Rollins in addition to her own stylings.

My Song Choice: Sunny Side of the Street Performed by Roberta Gambarini: (Links to an external site.)

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If you want to compare to the Gillespie/Rollins/Stitt recording: (Links to an external site.)

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Your paper must be 1000 words
The title of your paper must include both songs’ title, artist/s and year/s recorded. You MUST use the posted recordings.

DO NOT include complete lyrics in your paper. You may only quote lyric lines as needed to express your thoughts in this compare/ contrast format. Any quoted lyric line/s must be in quotation marks.
You may choose ANY popular song of a positive nature/love song (from within the last 5 years) for this compare/contrast assignment, however you may NOT choose a “remake” or “cover” of the song I chose.
DO NOT use biographical information on the artist, producers, performers etc. This is meant to be a “critical thinking” assignment.

DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE IN YOUR PAPER—this will result in a zero on the assignment.
If you list complete lyrics in an attempt to inflate your word count, it will at least be an automatic 25 point penalty. If Turnitin flags it for plagiarism, you will fail the course.

Subjects you MUST consider in your compare and contrast paper:

The Sentiment of the song: Address the sentiment of both songs, e.g. do they convey love? If love what category? Wistfulness? Jealously? Young love? New Love? Unrequited love?

Compare and contrast the Lyrics of both songs: speak to the use of idiomatic phrases and language to convey sentiments. (i.e. Street language versus Poetic language) then contrast how the same images and emotions are conveyed by the different songwriters (one writer may use visceral, “street language” and even savage terms while the other writer may use a more gentle, poetic, or symbolic style to represent these ideas and emotions.

Music Support: Address how the music supports the sentiment of the lyrics. e.g. Minor key supports a lost love, major key supports “new” love.

Richness of the sonority (total quality of the musical sound) are simple or complex harmonies used? Any unusual instrumentation or unusual chord progressions used.

Is the singer harmonizing with another singer or instrument?

What instruments are used; what kind of voice is used (soprano, alto, tenor or bass etc.)

Texture: Is the music complex or simple? (polyphonic, homophonic, monophonic)

You may address the Gambarini and Gillespie performances, but only in passing—the point is to compare a love/positive song from the past with a current song of your choosing.