Demonstrate your mastery of the concepts covered in the course and to have an opportunity to explore more in-depth concepts.

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts covered in the course and to have an opportunity to explore more in-depth concepts. You will be creating a 2-part presentation to share with fellow classmates.


1. Choose one system that has been or will be covered in this course. For the first part of your presentation, summarize the major organs/structures and major functions of the system. You will need to use your e-book, videos and other online resources.

 Integumentary System
 Skeletal System
 Muscular System
 Nervous System
 Special Senses
 Endocrine System

2. For the second part of your presentation, choose 1 aspect of the system to do a “deep dive” into more detail and explore more in-depth concepts. Ask a “how” or “why” question. Examples include:

o Why does hair fall out?
o How does a fracture heal?
o Why do we get muscle cramps?
o How does my body react during “flight or fight” response?
o How do we detect and interpret music?
o Why do we get dizzy?

3. Prepare a Written/Visual Presentation

• A variety of tools can be used (online slide shows, posters, flyers, videos, etc.)
• You must be able to submit your work online. This does not necessarily rule out non-digital creations. For example, clear pictures of posters are accepted.

• You will be graded on written and visual content.
• The submission must clearly indicate which topics you are discussing and their structures and functions. An emphasis will be placed on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


• Your responses should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are grammatically correct.
• Justify (support) your responses with facts and details from the textbook reading external sources, and include your own opinions where applicable.
• Write in complete sentences. Your sources must be paraphrased in your own words.
Grading Criteria
This assignment will be graded according to the rubric below.

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