Why do many Taco Bell managers take special pride in supporting workers through the company’s educational programs?

Purpose: This case study shows how motivation plays a part in the success of the business and helps the organization meet its strategic goals.

Learning Objectives

• Show how managers put motivation theories into action through such strategies as job enrichment, open communication, and job recognition.
• Show how managers personalize motivation strategies to appeal to employees across the globe and across generations.

Case Overview(Page 269 of your textbook-Also view the case video in connect to get a better understanding of the case).

Keeping employees motivated and happy is a key to success for many of the world’s top companies, including fast food chains like Taco Bell. From GED prep to educational support to college scholarships, Taco Bell helps its employees achieve their goals in all sorts of ways.

While this level of support might seem strange for a fast food chain, the company recognizes that today’s workers tend to demand more from their employers. Besides collecting a paycheck, young employees also want to develop a healthy balance between their work lives and personal lives. That’s why Taco Bell provides both full- and part-time staffers with access to educational resources from their first day forward. For instance, the company fully funds an all-inclusive, start-to-finish GED program specially designed for its employees. Along with receiving unlimited access to study materials and practice tests, the program also provides students with advisers who guide them through every step of the process.

For those who have already earned a high school diploma or GED, the company offers discounted tuition and reimbursements through its Guild Education program. In partnership with 80 online universities and learning institutions, employees can choose from thousands of classes and earn certificates or degrees in many fields. This type of educational programming not only boosts morale and commitment but also provides workers with a sense of intrinsic value.

Employees who are pursuing other goals can apply for the company’s Live Mas Scholarship program, which grants awards as high as $25,000. Unlike other scholarships, Taco Bell doesn’t require test scores or a minimum GPA in order to apply. Instead, the company wants to appeal to students who don’t qualify for traditional scholarships. By removing the usual academic requirements, the program receives applications from a wide variety of highly motivated employees.

Taco Bell also encourages managers to seek out and support workers who would benefit the most from its educational programs. In fact, many managers take special pride in this role since they likely received promotions thanks to the guidance of senior leaders. Managers also benefit from leadership programs where they learn all about team-building and the fundamentals of management. After all, employees who feel appreciated by their superiors are more likely to stay around for the long term. By taking the interests of its workers to heart, Taco Bell creates positive opportunities for the company as well as its staff.


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Formulate an answer for the following questions:

What are the benefits of Taco Bell’s educational initiatives both for employees and the company?

How does Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarship differ from traditional scholarship programs?

Why do many Taco Bell managers take special pride in supporting workers through the company’s educational programs?