Compare and contrast how Burberry’s and H&M’s different pricing relate to supply and demand, costs, perceptions of value and competition.

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1. Soho House, a group of private members’ clubs around the world, is considering setting up a luxury restaurant in London. Soho House members will get a 10% discount on their bill and non-members will pay full price. Drawing on a Porter’s 5 Forces analysis evaluate whether this is an attractive industry to enter.

2. Ride5, the manufacturer of a new rental electric scooter (e-scooter), promises to offer the most e-scooters in London, so that subscribers can find an e-scooter in any location in zone 2 within 5 minutes. Using different bases of segmentation, identify two possible market segments for Ride5. Select one of these segments as the target market and develop an appropriate positioning for Ride5 to compete against existing operators in the market, like Dott, Lime and TIER.

3. Imagine how hotels are likely to evolve in the next 10 years. Using relevant examples, discuss the different product levels of a luxury hotel, which is to be launched in London in 2032.

4. Veganuary, a non-profit organization that encourages people around the world to try a vegan diet for January, wants to launch a new promotional campaign in December 2022 to encourage more people to sign-up for the 31-day vegan January 2023 (Veganuary 2023) challenge. Focusing on a target audience of your choice, discuss how you would enhance awareness of the Veganuary 2023 challenge and stimulate a strong, positive and unique image for Veganuary. Illustrate your answer with relevant examples.

5. Compare and contrast how Burberry’s and H&M’s different pricing relate to supply and demand, costs, perceptions of value and competition.

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