Discuss the care and management of patients with a variety of acute care needs.

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Subject: Nursing

Nursing the person with deteriorating health

Assignment advice

It sounds simple: Answer the question/s
Look at the learning outcomes below and make sure you address these:

1. Demonstrate the skills required to recognise the patient at risk of deterioration

2. Utilise the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) framework for assessing acutely ill patients

3. Discuss the care and management of patients with a variety of acute care needs

4. Analyse and apply the evidence base that informs the care of the critically ill adult.

Ensure you consider somewhere your patient’s risk of deterioration. That is what the module is about.
Your essay should have an intro (where you introduce the question/s) middle (where you answer the question/s and an end (where you summarise your answer).

You can use an ABCDE framework if it suits you and the question but don’t just describe this framework use it to explore how you would manage your patient’s care.

If the question is split into 2 or three sub questions (ABC) then structure the essay around these sub sections.

You must demonstrate in-depth physiological understanding of the patient’s condition.

Consider the treatment and recommended therapies for your patient.

Draw on relevant and current guidelines to support your answer.

Your discussion needs to show critical thinking so use relevant evidence to support your discussion.

See the resources provided about how to show critical thinking.

Use appendices to conserve words for your discussions. You can include your scenarios or relevant guidelines here.

Don’t rely on patient websites you must use academic sources.
Your essay should use Harvard referencing.