Writ A summary of what has been done in the report.

Company Choice for Assignment

The 5 companies you have to choose from are:



Hello Fresh

Brew Dog

Funding Circle

This is a suggested structure for the Managing Innovation report

Have a front sheet with your Student ID number and also a contents section (it is a good academic practice for report writing)….

– Introdcution

Here we want to see a focus on innovation and the chosen innovation theory..NOT THE CHOSEN COMPANY

(around 150-200 words)

– XXXX Innovation Theory

– Definitions, Principals and Processes of the theory

– Evaluation of the theory (Benefits and limitations) (around 1250 – 1400 words)

– Application of the XXXX Innovation Theory in the historical development context

– Company background (Here we want to see a brief intro on the chosen company..the students should also identify few business models that the company use (e.g. Netflix uses a subscription model, video streaming model, internet based model etc)…students should also provide a business model canvas

– Historical Development (we want to see how the company’s product/service developed through the years to what it is now. We want to see the application of the chosen theory in this development context)

(around 600 -700 words)

– Application of the XXXX Innovation Theory in the future development context

– Future Development (we want to see that the students managed to identify few future plans (future pathways) from the company’s website/internet..moreover the students should come up with few creative ideas (these could be wild ideas and wedon’t insist that ideas are supported by research). The students should take either one of the company’s plans or one of their ideas and apply the theory to it.

(around 600 – 700 words)

– Conclusion

Writ A summary of what has been done in the report..we don’t want to see a recommendation for the chosen company…we don’t care about the company..the company is used to show how the theory is applied..

(around 150-200 words)

– Bibliography

Harvard based referencing as always

– Appendix

(not more than 6 pages