Research, analyse, and evaluate this new product or service when entering the UK market.

Integrated marketing communication plan – Tesla motorbike

This individual assignment, you are tasked with producing a marketing communication plan for the launch of the tesla motorbike. You are required to research, analyse, and evaluate this new product or service when entering the UK market.

You are not being allocated a specific budget for this campaign, but you are expected to be realistic in your plans. The scope and spend of the campaign will need to be appropriate for the size and scope of the organisation and you will need to be creative in your approach to the communications mix.

This is a live project and the information you base your work on must be current and be relevant to the needs of the enterprise. You must use all the models presented appropriately.

The structure will be:

Executive Summary: Describe and give a detailed overview what the report discovered (not included in the word count).

Table of Contents: A content page, with appropriate headings and subheading (not included in the word count).

Introduction: An informative introduction, on what the report will include and background information relating to the chosen company.
Include either fill or egan.

Company background

Mission and Vision

Context Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the current market environment, which influences the company’s decision-making process.

Internal analysis:
Boston matrix
Product lifecycle
Available resources
Social climate

Market analysis:
Competitors – competitive rivalry
Porters 5 forces
External analysis:
Only select 2, 3 max.

Communication Objectives: To recommend objectives for the company which can be monitored, evaluated, and measured for the proposed marketing strategy.


Business mission
Corporate goals
Marketing goals
Communication goals

Marketing Communication Strategy:

Target Markets
Who is our target market

Perceptual maps

Who are the organisation’s target audience and how do they segment their consumers?

Coordinated Communication Mix: Selecting aspects from the communication mix, how does the organisation communicate with its target audience, analysing and evaluating their methods

Gantt chart:

Drip model:

AIDA model:


Summary: Concluding remarks on what has been discovered from this detailed report.

Reference list – A comprehensive list of resources utilised within the report (not included in the word count).