Critically evaluate the project management tools available to the general practitioner. Produce a resource allocation histogram.

Construction project management

S.A.G. Enterprise, a high profile corporation based in Asia, is opening a new commercial branch in

Coventry. S.A.G. Enterprise is considering a joint venture with CMCN Limited; a UK based private

company with over 30 of experience in construction development. S.A.G. Enterprise and CMCN Ltd.

have a financial commitment of 60% and 40% respectively.

S.A.G. Enterprise, although reasonably experienced with working on large commercial building projects,

are challenged with their first large scale international project. On the other hand, CMCN Ltd. have

experience working on housing project, have never worked on such large scale commercial projects.

The site acquired for this project is located in Warwickshire, 15 minutes drive from Coventry City Centre

and near to the M69 motorway but 20 minutes to Coventry Rail station which has direct connection to

London. The proposed project has an area of 2000 m2.

To develop their new commercial shopping centre. The shopping centre is divided as follows:

• A commercial building of 7 storeys. Two storeys will be underground and the remaining 5 will

be over-ground.

• The 2 sub-levels will be parking lots.

• The first 4 storeys will be retail shops.

• The final level will be an open green space.

The site was secured, which is classified as a residential area surrounded by houses and schools. The

client is concerned with equipment storage and placement due to low mobility in that area. As well as,

concern for delay in supplies due to rush hours between 7:00 – 9:00 am and 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

S.A.G. Enterprise have received the bids and are considering to acquire the services of an international prestigious firm with high skilled expertise in such

projects, along with a local contractor.

S.A.G. Enterprise have identified a potential supplier with a good reputation for quality, and is based in

London. The client is interested in achieving the best quality at the lowest price. The project is expected

to start on the first of October 2022. The clients are concerned with delays in the project initiation due

to cultural barriers, as well as, delays in the construction process due to the expected bad weather in

the UK.

An outline scheme has been prepared and plans attached have received approval. The Local Council

and Planning Department is supporting the development and have given outline consent and are

awaiting details on external finishes.

Your Clients have retained your company as Project Managers (offering a full range of services

ranging from Project Management services together with Health and Safety).

Tasks individual report:

As a Project Manager your urgent advice and guidance is required for the new build scheme on the followings:

• Evaluate alternative approaches to project management in global context which are applicable to this project and make a recommendation.

• Conduct a stakeholder’s analysis in relation to the project.

• Your report should also include the outline of the services that your organisation can offer to

successfully delivery the project.

• Critically evaluate the project management tools available to the general practitioner. Produce a resource allocation histogram.

Make reasonable cost and duration allowance for your company on the project.

Cost plan and Gantt chart.

• High light any cultural, Communication between key member that you believe will .positively or

negatively impact.