Discuss any possible errors that could have occurred during the collection of the data.

Assignment instructions:

You will grow a sourdough starter from scratch for one week. Next week you will divide the starter into two parts. Use one part as your control and the other as your experimental batch. You will design your own experiment with this batch.

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Write a lab report which details what you did with your experimental half.

Remember, you grew the sourdough for one week, then divided it.

Use one half for the control and one half for your own experimental design. Be very complete in telling hypothesis, methods, how will you gather data (what are you watching for, how will you know you have change, etc.) Here is a lab report template to use.

Lab Report Template

I. Title:

a. A brief, concise, and descriptive statement (not a question)

II. Problem:
a. What question are you trying to answer?

III. Preliminary Observations and Prior Knowledge:
JJJ. a. Background information about the subject

IV. Hypothesis:
a. A possible solution to the problem

b. Must be testable

c. Write in the form of a question V. Parts of the Experiment:

a. What is theā€¦
1. Control group?
2. Experimental Group?
3. Independent variable?
4. Dependent variable?

VI. Results (Data/Observations):
a. Measurements, observations, notes made during the lab, etc.
b. Tables, graphs, charts, etc. (label appropriately).

VII. Analysis:
a. Summary of the data (averages, highs, lows, etc.).

b. Helps reader understand what the results mean.

VIII. Conclusion:
a. Accept or reject hypothesis (was the hypothesis correct).
b. Why the hypothesis was correct or incorrect.
c. Discuss any possible errors that could have occurred during the collection of the data.

IX. Real Life:
a. What is one thing that you have learned?
b. How does this experiment relate to the real world?