Research and prepare an individual report on the impact of financial literacy on global financial crisis and mental/physical wellbeing of the citizens.

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Subject: Finance

Coursework Guide (x2 Components)
Personal Finance

1. Significance of the assessment
This is the coursework for the Personal Finance module of the BA Hons Accounting & Finance. It consist of an INDIVIDUAL 2,000- word limit Report (pg3)

2. Assessment Requirements


Written Report – Assessment 1: 60% Weighting

Research and prepare an individual report on the impact of financial literacy on global financial crisis and mental/physical wellbeing of the citizens.


Your report should cover the following minimum requirements:

i. Identify and discuss a recent global financial crisis.

ii. Critically evaluate financial literacy including the impact on macroeconomic factors i.e. inflation, unemployment and GDP.

iii. Conclude your report with interventions and measures taken by the public and private sector to improve financial literacy.

4. Feedback
Feedback on the report shall be on Moodle 15-20 working days after the hand in date.

5. Guidance on referencing
(Supplied by Academic Integrity Coordinator)
Correct referencing is an academic skill that you will be assessed on. Correct referencing demonstrates that you have read appropriately on the subject and shows that you are acknowledging the sources you have used (that you are not trying to cheat) and provide information on useful sources of information to your reader. Doing it correctly demonstrates professionalism, doing it incorrectly will lead to reduced marks, possibly to disciplinary action which includes the possibility of having your studies terminated.

You are required to upload your coursework to the VLE Moodle site for BAF-6-
PFI using the Turnitin facility for Personal Finance 21/22 S2.

Use this site for checking your work for matching text. This will reveal where you have not fully referenced. You will need to reference correctly or remove the matching text from your final submission. The matching source given by the 6 check may not be the one that you used. Make sure you use the Library Help sheets to guide you on correct referencing (style: Harvard).

You need to look at all individual matches of 2% and above. Where there is such material that is matching you must ensure it is referenced or remove it from your work.

You can find online help-sheets by using the following link:
In particular, you should look at:

(4) Plagiarism

(30) How to do your Referencing: an introduction to the Harvard System Further help is available on all academic matters from the ‘Academic Student Advice Students are advised to keep a hard copy and an electronic copy of all coursework even after the hand in date.

-Choose at least 2 microeconomic factors

– Argue what really drives what, is financial literacy drives economic factors or vice vasa
-Looking for interventions and measures that be taken by different sector to close the gap of financial literacy( eg: bank like baclay push you to be more knowledgeable ) a push from public and a push from private sector( starling, monzo account close the gap between how you bank)