How Crafting Effective Nursing Research Questions Using the PICOTS Format ?

INITIAL POST DUE on Wednesday of Week 2. Responses due by Friday of Week 2. A good research question is the most important part of the research process. Students will use the PICOTS format (see below) to develop a clinical question. Review Chapter 11 in the SJ Brown text. Also, here is a template that might help guide you in developing your clinical question. PICOTS.pptx Everyone will submit their PICOTS question to this DB, and comment on at least 2 other peers’ clinical questions. NOTE: In addition to feedback from your classmates, you will each receive feedback from faculty on your question – please be looking for this feedback in the DB, and revising your questions accordingly. REMEMBER: These should be NURSING questions, and therefore should not be questions about medication effectiveness, comparing medications, etc. Those are medical questions – they might be good questions, but not for this course. We want to keep the focus on nursing interventions, issues, and concepts that nurses can impact. Identify the elements of your clinical question in this format: Patient Population P = Intervention or Issue I = Comparison intervention C = Outcome O = Timing T = Setting S = In (P) (population/patients/group)________________, does (I) (intervention) ____________________ compared to (C) (comparison intervention/current standard of care/no comparison) __________________, (O) (produce the following outcome) _____________________ within (T) (timeframe) ___________(T) in (S) (setting) __________________ (S)? Feedback and response posts should include comments on the following: Do you understand what the question is really asking? Is the question clearly written? Can you clearly identify all the elements? If not, how could it be improved?? Were the elements correctly identified? Does the question leave you asking more about the question itself? If the question leaves you asking more about the elements of the question, or “who, what, where, when, how, or why” then ask those questions in DB as a response to the original poster. N367 Clinical Question DB 2023