Describe the changes you would have made to make the implementation more successful.

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As leaders, you must be willing to learn from mistakes of the past. No one gets it right 100% of the time, and with the increase in technology, that number is even smaller as complications increase. You will learn that you are not alone in possible missteps so there is no reason to fear the changes that come with technology. Search for an article discussing change in technology – maybe the implementation of new hardware/software or just capabilities of a school, (possible search criteria: “school implements new”). Research articles describing the implementation of new technology. Feel free to look for specific implications of something you may be interested in. There are numerous articles on using technology to motivate students and encourage you in this direction. Once you find a recent example, write a report on your findings. Write a summary of your article describing the situation and the steps used to implement the technology. Then, put yourself in the driver’s seat. Based on what we’ve learned so far, critique their approach. Was it handled appropriately in your opinion? If you were leading the change, what would you do differently?

To complete this assignment, you will:

• Find a recent example of the implementation of technology.
• Summarize the change and the process used to implement the change (one or two paragraphs maximum).
• Critique the implementation based on the best practices you have learned.
• Describe the changes you would have made to make the implementation more successful.
Please use current APA format in citations. Minimum page requirements: 2 double-spaced pages.