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What are the best practices teachers can employ?

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Subject: Education

Podcast Assignment Instructions

As leaders, you will be asked to implement a variety of innovations that will improve and enhance the way your organization operates. In the coming weeks, you will create an innovation configuration map to roll out some new technology in a school system. In the past, schools across the country were not ready for global pandemics, and so you’ve been asked to create resources that will better prepare you for any situations that may occur in the future. One such resource you are being asked to review is the possibility of utilizing podcast at your local public school. It is now time for you to do your research: What makes a good podcast? What are the best practices teachers can employ? How can podcast be used in education?


Conduct scholarly research to see how podcast are being used in education. In addition, view the video linked under Podcast Resources.


Now compile what you’ve found in a formal letter to your superiors with your recommendations on how you and your school can best implement this technology.


To complete this assignment, you will:


  • Research podcast and their creation.
  • Discover podcast best practices.
  • Create a list of recommendations on how podcast can be best utilized in education.
  • Draft a formal review with recommendations for your school.

Please use current APA format in citations. Minimum page requirements: 2 double-spaced pages.