Legislative Discussion

Some kind of legislative body exists in almost every country of the world, and at almost every level of government. They go by different names: parliament, national assembly, congress, but often function in similar ways. In the chapter on legislatures, you will gain an understanding of the legislative similarities shared by the various democratic systems, as well as an appreciation of the aspects that make each system distinct.

In 1884 a Johns Hopkins student Woodrow Wilson wrote a book called Congressional Government looking at the power of Congress and its role in society. Wilson wrote in the book Congressional Government, that Congress was the central and predominant power in the American system and that the Presidency had become an ineffectual office.

1.Which system or government do you think is better and why; Parliamentary Government or Presidential Government?

2.What do you think leads to an imperial presidency and whether this is a good thing. What are the keys to a President’s domestic and foreign policy success? What causes failure?