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Does the essay make a clear main point?

Using the attached file; the article might be written in IMRaD format, but the most important requirements are that the article is scientific, medical, or technical and that it cites other researchers. Rewrite the scientific article so that it is appropriate for a non-scientific audience.

Use two of the adaption strategies we will discuss in class and include at least three images, charts, or graphs. Your assignment should be at least 1800 words (double-spaced) and should be both informative and interesting. Follow one of the documentation systems you have practiced this semester.
Since this assignment is for a non-scientific audience, you should avoid passive voice sentences.

Evaluation Criteria.
Does the essay make a clear main point?

Does it use the appropriate introduction and conclusion strategies?

Does it use two appropriate adaption strategies?

Is it well organized with appropriate cohesive devices?

Are the body paragraphs well developed with details?

Are the tone and style appropriate for the audience? Sentences should be concise and well written.

Are graphics/images useful and clear?

Does the essay show any problems with spelling, grammar, mechanics?

Is punctuation used rhetorically and thoughtfully?

Are documentation system rules followed?