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What alternatives are these to the course of action your fellow employees want to take filing a complaint with the supervisor?

Consider and respond to the following three C l situations accordingly and submit your written answer for all three scenarios.

• Define the problem

• Identify the individual(s) causing the problem

• Develop at least 2 solutions that will allow the team to continue to work well together.

You are not permitted to develop solutions than include an appeal to management. The problem must be solved in a sensitive and professional manner by resolving relationship problems among the team members.

“1. A fellow,employee, Phil, has not been contributing equally to complete the normal weekly work at hand. Phil claims his is contributing,but this he is” “swamped with other work and the emotional aftermath of a bitter divorce. Some fellow workers are upset that he has been so lax and feel they should take their complaints about Phil to the supervisor. You are good friends with Phil and know he’s not lazy but feel he may be over dramatizing his problems as bit. You brought up the topic with Phil over lunch today,but he was defensive and maintained his “”innocence””. He even accused you of not sympathizing with him.”

What alternatives are these to the course of action your fellow employees want to take (filing a complaint with the supervisor)?

What might you suggest to improve the situation without involving the administration or hurting Phil’s professional reputation?

“2. A fellow worker, Alice, has been reporting to the boss the progress of your group in such a way that it appears that she is the central force and the ideal” “person in the group. This is not true since her contributions have been about equal to the others. The other group members don’t know she has been advancing her position in the organization at the expense of others and maybe even making others look unproductive. You know what Alice is doing. Alice is slightly above your in rank, and you like and work well with her. You feel,however, that her easy and regular access to the boss and inaccurate reporting of the group’s progress will ultimately undermine the others in the group.”

“Considering your rank and relationship with Alice, what are your options other than not saying anything?”