Write about your favorite real person who inspired you they are a hero to you.

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Composition 2

Idea C: Write about your favorite real person who inspired you. They are a hero to you. This can be someone close to you, or it can be someone you don’t know (a celebrity).

Make the title interesting! We want something other than “Why my Dad is my hero!” Think about some trait they have, or something about them you can put in the title.

For example, “Robert Atwood. Part-time joke maker, full- time firefighter. My Dad!” or “How Robert Downey, Jr. inspires young kids worldwide.”

Idea D: Interview someone you think is interesting, or that has an interesting career or talent. Write about that and include quotes from the person you interview. (See the Longform link I included above for examples).

Idea E: Write about anything else non-fiction. The world is yours to write about! Your favorite hobby. Why you are pursuing the career you want. How to pick out the best shoes without spending a fortune. Why texting is so important to your life. Why some people think the world is really flat. Why people face forward in an elevator, and what happened the day I decided to be different. Be creative!

Whether you choose fiction or non-fiction, you should write at least 500 but not more than 750 words. We aren’t concerned so much about format here, so just be creative and see what you can come up with. We are posting these for our class to read, so think about your audience. Will they care about your story? Why or why not? Now,when you get done, read at least two other stories, and give your feedback. Your story is due by Friday at midnight, and your responses are due by Sunday at midnight. Do not attach your story as a Word document, but instead cut and paste it into the discussion.