Australia Primary School Teaching (years 1-6): What were the main steps to create your digital learning/pedagogy ‘prototype’?

Australia Primary School Teaching (years 1-6)

Prepare a digital portfolio that includes the following parts.

Part 1

An image of the eSafety awareness poster. List beneath the poster:

• the age/year level of the intended audience

• references for any images used that are not yours or are subject to copyright.

Part 2

A report on two Creative Inquiry activities and relate this to your future teaching practice. (Only use CI activities that are identified on Blackboard as suitable for this task.) Address the following questions for each CI (use them as headings):

1. What were the main steps to create your digital learning/pedagogy ‘prototype’?

List the technologies and specifically describe how the features were used to create the prototype. Include evidence of ‘prototype’ that was created. If the evidence is video, include still images and link to the video.

2. What challenges (positive and/or negative) did you face and how did you respond?

3. How might you apply the technology / process in your future teaching and why?

Give examples of curriculum activities. Identify and justify which APST you are addressing.

4. What are the potential problems when using this in an Early Childhood / Primary /

Secondary setting? How might these be addressed?

Each response should be 500 +/-10% words, excluding the reference list. Please ensure that you add a word count after each response. [Relevant criteria for Part 2: report and relate]

Part 3

A reflection on your learning so far in the unit. Address the following prompts in your response.

EUN101 – Assessment 1 Page 3 of 6

• Apply educational theories, models and literature (both general and relating specifically to digital pedagogies) to rationalise why and how you will use digital technologies in your future teaching practice.

• How do the CI activities compare to your experiences at school? Which aspects were you most comfortable and least comfortable with? Why?

• How did you learn to use the technologies? In future, how will you learn to use unfamiliar digital technologies for teaching?

This part should be 850 +/-10% words, excluding the reference list. Use formal language and correct grammatical constructs (full sentences and paragraphs). You can write in the first person. References must be in APA format. [Relevant criteria for

Part 3: reason and reconstruct]

The reference list for the entire response should appear at the bottom of the last page.