Discuss How instructors can connect Bette with students?

Capstone Project: Remote Environmental Education Internship at Para La Tiera, Paraguay on Avian Species in Neembucu

For my Remote internship, I had to develop a series of activities for Paraguay secondary level students who attend eco-clubs hosted by Para La Tiera. My specific eco-club region is Pilar. Pilar is home to Neembucu, a major unprotected wetland full of biodiversity. The project activities are mainly on avian species in Neembucu. I have already developed the activities as well.

  • Note:

This scholarly paper should be in the form of a literature review and defense for environmental education and the importance of avian protection for Neembucu wetlands.

Here are some topics I would like to be discussed within the paper

1. secondary level education issues in Paraguay

2. human-animal conflict in Paraguay (deforestation, poaching, etc.)

3. bird conflict in pillar, Paraguay

4. issues of the neembucu (wetland area) of Paraguay

5. background Para La Tierra program

6. Para La Tiera stakeholder, Peace Corps

7. purpose of environmental education

8. benefits of connecting children with nature

9. How instructors can connect Bette with students