Give a Short Story on Generational Conflict.

Give a Short Story on Generational Conflict

CONFLICT: Magnolia wants her daughter Candice to marry Corny Cornelius but Candice is too enthralled by Dreamy Jeremy, the artist. So, Candice doesn’t take her mother’s advice.

PLOT: 1)Candice sneaks away in the night to be with Dreamy Jeremy which causes an argument when her mother finds out.

2) Candice rejects her family’s healthy lifestyle. She rejects their conservativeness and embraces liberalism. She claims to be “woke” and talks about marrying for love instead of status.

3) Candice gets pregnant

4) Dreamy Jeremy got into an accident and is now blind. He is unable to support the family so Candice is now the breadwinner.

5) Candice is unhappy because looking over at Corny Cornelius, he is now married, a multi-millionaire, and is always on vacation.