Critically evaluate the differences between and applications of the main project management methodologies in use today.

Project management Theory & practice


Assessment type – Individual Case Study Essay Word count – 4,000Learning Outcomes:

• Apply the key principles, tools and techniques as detailed within the Project Management Institute Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMI PMBOK) to a range of project management contexts.

• Critically evaluate the differences between and applications of the main project management methodologies in use today.

• Critically analysis of business continuity management system role in projectized organizations during distastes and crisis.


The student is required to highlight the role of integration between business continuity management system and project management practices during crisis and disasters that may face organizations in Egypt or MENA region to incorporate better project management practices in an attempt to survive the severe challenges faced by the country recently.

The student should use case studies of organization they are working for or any organization they are aware of it in order to provide realistic evidence for their argument and also provide recommendations to avoid failure and opportunities for improvement for projectized organization.

The critical success factors for projects undertaken in the MENA Region generally and Egypt specifically shall be considered by delegates and highlighting the role of integration and implementation of management systems towards better project results

Within the above context, the student is free to use Journals, Conferences’ Proceedings, Case studies, etc., the student should examine and critically analyse these perspectives in order to reveal his understanding of Project Management Theory & Practice.

You MUST structure your analysis around the all Project Management Institute (PMI) Knowledge Areas and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the key PROJECT MANAGEMENT issues raised by the topic, and also be able to synthesise these into key lessons that should be learned by those managing such projects in the future.

Important notes

• You must follow an essay format i.e. Introduction, Body and Conclusion

• Your discussion should draw upon project management theory and practice as well as, where appropriate wider theoretical concepts, for example communications theory and stakeholder theory.

• You MUST provide AT LEAST 15 references. These sources must include at least fifteen peer reviewed academic sources (journals) as well as professional and other publications/internet sources. You should use the Harvard system of referencing.