What does Pollard question about performance measures in research?Discuss.

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Subject: Education

How can we measure engagement?

In groups you will discuss the following

▪ What does Pollard question about performance measures in

▪ In relation to what evidence to collect and how, summarise the
three issues Pollard Highlights

▪ Why is caution advised in the interpretation of findings?
Jamboard activity: identify strengths and
limitations of each of the following methods

1. Room 1: Student self report survey

2. Room 2: Experience sampling

3. Room 3: Teacher ratings of students

4. Room 4: Interviews -522YGGLgsZGRzcR5fX/view?usp=sharing

5. Room 5: observations Five breakout rooms + I will share this link with them:

Each group will be working on a specific section of the reading, they will have to work as a group to prepare a short presentation on their method Copy the link in the chat, paste into your google browser

Move from one Work collaboratively board to the other with your group, add text boxes, pictures, post-it
Practical tips

▪ Be flexible, scrutinize, question and reflect!
▪ How will the data be collected and analysed?
▪ Analysis of data starts at the very beginning of the project (don’t leave it for the end!!)
▪ Collect only what you need
▪ Consider confidential data collection and storage!!!
▪ Mixed methods: qualitative and quantitative approaches. Consider which data is central, or are they both equal? Is the data collected simultaneously or sequentially?

How the two types of data will inform each other?

▪ Qualitative data requires interpretation, hypotheses, use your reading to guide you!