Write a minimum of a two-page article in MS Word.

Assignment: Academic Article Reviewa

Instructions: Select an article that is relevant to this week’s topic. Research, critique and discuss this article in the light of our topic:

“Team performance and productivity are dependent on the leader and the culture of the organization. Discuss the leadership style that made a team successful or unsuccessful.” Find & expound on an article related to this.


• Write a minimum of a two-page article in MS Word (not 1.5 pages but at least two FULL pages of content). If you go over a little, that is OK.

• Paper must be in APA 7th edition

• Title page and reference page do not count towards page requirement minimum

• Write the article in a conversational manner, as if we are all sitting around a campfire and your are explaining the highlights of the article.

• First or third person is OK to write this article.

• No more than ONE SMALL quote (if you string your paper together with quotes, it will not be graded)

• At least one reference, which can be the article you have written about

All writing assignments are verified for original writing with Turnitin.com (meaning it checks for plagiarism) the minute you upload your paper. Don’t take shortcuts by copying and pasting from the web or rewording what appears in the article.

• What is the article/research about?

• How did the researchers go about the research?

• What were the results?

• What surprised you – or what did not?

• Can this student explain the essentials of the article in their own words.