What lifestyle changes are some consumers making to build more happiness?Discuss.


What lifestyle changes are some consumers making to build more happiness?

The focus of this essay is to effectively apply the concepts from the first three essays equally; therefore, structure and organization,  and support development, and use of cited evidence will be graded evenly.

All paragraph structure and essay format requirements must be followed throughout the essay.

Include a clear, succinct thesis statement that clearly answers the essential question.

Be sure that each paragraph focuses on ONE main idea that directly supports your thesis

Relevant evidence

Each body paragraph must contain one cited example from a source

Cited evidence MUST be relevant to the example and clearly demonstrate the validity of your example

Evidence MUST be smoothly integrated and correctly cited in MLA format.

Evidence MUST include a clear analysis of the quote/paraphrase

Use of Evidence (same as essay 3)

Evidence may be used in the form of quotes and paraphrases.

In the body of the essay, you may only use a maximum of two direct quotes.

The body of your essay must include a minimum of two paraphrased examples from a cited source

Source Requirements:

A minimum of two theme readings must be cited in your essay.

A maximum of three credible outside articles may also be cited in your essay. You may also use readings from other themes to support your ideas.

Wikipedia is not to be used as a source.

All sources cited in the essay MUST be included on the Works Cited page.