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Criminological Theory Comparison:Compare any two criminological theories and apply them to a specific, documented.


Compare any two criminological theories and apply them to a specific, documented example that you select. Your example should describe a specific crime that was committed by one or more INDIVIDUALS. Examples of crimes include those allegedly committed by everyone from Al Capone to Heidi Fleiss (the “Hollywood Madam”) to Julian Assange, as well as less famous crimes described in local newspapers or on “true crime” TV shows such as “48 Hours” and “Dateline.”


Crimes that have been described but for which there are no alleged perpetrators are probably not suitable for this assignment, as most criminological theories explain crimes based on the supposed characteristics of the individual perpetrator and/or their environment.

Example must be from a documented source outside the textbook and properly referenced (APA preferred). Failure to include a documented contemporary example is the most important part of this assignment. Sources for examples include but aren’t limited to: any newspaper (local, national, foreign), crime blogs, law enforcement websites, documentary films, TV “true crime” series, etc. Even an example from a fictional book, movie, or TV show can be used…provided that it is properly cited in your reference list.


o Brief description of your documented example

o Apply theory #1

o Apply theory #2

o Compare the explanations of theory #1 and #2

o Reference list

• For citations, APA preferred; parenthetical citations only within the body of the paper (no footnote or end note cites); reference list with full citation information should appears at the end of the document, no page break required.

• Reference lists, tables, graphs, pictures, etc., do not count towards page limits.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me.