Evaluate the theories of soft and hard determinism?


Evaluate the theories of soft and hard determinism (30)

The essay is an a02 structure – which means that in each paragraph (there should be three) you should form an argument and then counter argue.

All paragraphs should have quotes from relevant scholars and philosophers, links to other aspects of ethics / philosophy / religion if possible. for example you should reference john locke and make links to predestination and free will, leading you on to mention john calvin. you could also mention Arminius and Augustine. there is also possibly a link with a.j ayer’s emotivism, as he is key person involved with both topics.

also, hard determinism could link to buddhism’s eightfold path, as ‘right action’ and ‘right mindfulness’ promote the idea that people have free will and therefore the ability to decide the paths their lives take.

In total three strengths of determinism and then weaknesses that counter argue.

you can reference philosophical, scientific or psychological determinism if it backs up any points. you can also reference hobbs’ internal and external causes and ayer’s caused vs forced acts.